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It is quite surprising that at this day and age where messages could be easily transmitted across the globe in a few microseconds, sending and receiving greeting cards still bring joy to every hearts. This custom around the world and predominantly in the United States, thrive well amidst all modernization and computerization going on. Card making industry is still making profit and even growing. To prove that card making and greeting cards are not badly affected by how people, especially Americans value text messaging and electronic mails.

Here are some nice to know facts and figures about card making and greeting cards:

  • History of greeting card spans back to ancient Chinese custom of good will exchanges during New Year. The Egyptians has also their own version of greeting card using the infamous papyrus scroll. In the 1800's, production of these cards dedicated for different occasions and celebrations started in Europe. Today, it is a worldwide practice and is thriving despite the modernization of most communication means.
  • There are two major greeting card categories: seasonal and everyday. According to survey done within the card making business, birthday cards comprise 60% of total sales of everyday type. For seasonal, Christmas cards are top notcher with the same percentage.
  • In United States alone, 7 billion greeting cards are sold on a yearly basis. Profit is estimated to be at around $7 to $7.5 billion annually. In United Kingdom, they spend around 1 billion pounds for greeting cards purchases each year. Hallmark Cards and American Greetings are the two largest players in card making industry.
  • In US, each card is estimated to sell at $2 to $4. Those with intricate designs and graphics or musical can reach up to $10.
  • 90% of all who buy greeting card in retail stores in the US are women. However, men tend to spend more in one greeting card, according to studies.
  • Estimated 100,000 retails stores sell greeting card in the United States on a permanent basis.
  • Nine out of ten Americans say that they always look forward to receiving a card or personal letters during their birthday and holidays. The reason behind this is that they keep in touch more with their friends and family and the effort of sending them a traditional card makes them feel valued and remembered.

On an average, a person receives 20 greeting cards each year for his or her birthday.

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Greeting Cards: Nice To Know Things

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This article was published on 2011/01/05