Greeting Card Writing Jobs - What You Should Know

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Greeting card writing jobs can be tough work. You are wrought with rejections at every turn. It can be a very painful and lonely existence to say the least - believe me. I have been there.

Stay with me because it gets better.

However, you can turn those rejections into gold - you can turn your poetic genius into money and your wisdom and humor into cash on the dollar with very minimal effort. Even skill is not all that needed because greeting card writing jobs is all about turn around. They want you to write fast and write a lot - they will pick the ones they like and then pay you handsomely for it.

You will not get rich quick off of writing for the greeting card industry - not by any means but it is steady work especially if you want it to supplement your other endeavors. You can be a work from home freelancer and make up to $75 a verse and by verse I mean an entire card - not a single line.

The most common markets these days for greeting card writing are in the humor and conversational areas of greeting cards. Contemporary prose is also a big one right now but trends are fickle. Greeting card writing jobs are a great extra income for us fickle writers who want to keep the creative juices flowing while turning our attention to something "outside the box" or against our normal brand of writing. That can help us in the end since writer's block won't be occurring and creativity will still be going strong.

There is a running joke among writers who look for extra walking around pocket money by writing for the greeting card industry and that is that it is certainly not get rich quick and is not even get rich slow - it is a little extra money to help with the bills or to buy your significant other something nice so they stop complaining you do not have a real job.

It also offers you a lot of experience with working with different personality types, having to answer to anal editors, working under strict deadlines and absurd criteria for your work, being offered and accepting assignments all the while earning some cash, having fun and networking like a mad person.

Greeting card writing jobs are available with some fairly big companies and all you need to do is pick up a copy of the writer's resource directory and send them off a SASE asking for guidelines. While you wait for them you can set up your work area. Get a lot of supplies, make your office cozy and get a bunch of books on writing greeting cards as well as reading all of the popular magazines and news clips. You will find yourself being well prepared when the guidelines arrive. Follow them perfectly to ensure less chance of being rejected.

There are several online courses you can search out on line that will teach you how to make your greeting card writing job work for you instead of against you by giving you the many pitfalls first time writers seem to fall in.

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Greeting Card Writing Jobs - What You Should Know

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This article was published on 2010/04/04